Set in an alternate present-day version of Oakland, telemarketer Cassius Green discovers the magical key to professional success – which propels him into a fascinating but macabre universe of corporate greed.

Movies such as Sorry to Bother You are a rare thing to come across these days, in the sense that they’re difficult to accurately categorise – it starts off as a bonkers high-concept and then veers into unexpected territory, as it reaches its increasingly scatterbrained climax – much in a similar vein to Lindsay Anderson’s O Lucky Man (1973) – to the point where it may alienate many viewers but, in many ways, that’s kind of the point. The nearest thematic comparison I can make is Jacques Tati’s Playtime (1967) or Terry Gilliam’s Brazil (1985).

A madcap myriad of mystified ideas that go completely haywire, Boots Riley’s bizarre sci-fi/comedy is an unapologetically of-the-moment satire, full of preposterous metaphors that ambitiously push the envelope of genre pastiche to deliver a wholly refreshing film, the likes of which often get lost, sadly, amidst the whirlpool of ‘conveyor belt’ franchise flicks. I’ve no doubt that this will be fondly recieved in years to come. 

FINAL JUDGMENT: 8.5/10 Jeff Goldblums


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